Want to give your eyes a break from the screen? Here are a few podcasts to get addicted to instead

I think most of us can mumble along to a few verses and definitely the chorus of Nine to five, one of Dolly Parton's most ageless hits, but how many of us know how she got to be the formidable song writer, business woman and performer she is today? NPR's Dolly Parton's America, presented by Jad Abumrad does just that and more. In conversation with the woman herself, Jad uncovers stories from growing up in the smokey mountains of Tennessee, to the opening of a Dolly Parton theme park, Dollywood. This podcast is generous with its history providing revealing insights into the progression of Dolly's fame, whilst never undermining the staggering talent that has provided such longevity to her career. You don't have to be a Dolly fan to get addicted to this series, but you may just find yourself adding a few of her hits to your Spotify by the end of it.

It had it's moment at the end of 2019 but bares repeating in case you missed it; The Missing Cryptoqueen. Jaw dropping and eye opening in equal measures this real life, real time drama unfolds in the most spectacular way. Presenter Jamie Bartlett travels around the world looking for the woman who began her own cryptocurrency, but left many wondering where their investments and the cryptoqueen herself, have gone...

The Week Unwrapped, admittedly you may hear some brief mentions of coronavirus on this podcast, but it primarily strives to unwrap and delve into the news stories which weren't covered by mainstream media outlets during the week. Irrelevant if the presenters are reporting on fires in Chernobyl or increases in the number of African black rhinos, they break down the stories in a digestible manner, which doesn't make you want to reach for the gin by 11am.

Need something more literary to accompany you on your precious glimpses of the outside world? Modern Love maybe the one for you. Taken from The New York Times, actors and famous faces read essays and short stories covering topics including experiences of living with Aspergers to dates going very very wrong. The gift of these twenty-ish minute insights into people's private lives just keeps on giving, as a handful of the stories have now been produced into a series on Amazon Prime. Highlights include a heart wrenching performance from Anne Hathaway and an unexpected friendship between doorman and tenant, which may bring a tear to your eye.

So why not break up binging Tiger King and play one of these on your walk around the park, with a morning coffee or just to give you something else to talk about other than the devastation of coronavirus or Joe Exotic.