Getting streetwise in lockdown

Seeing the same view day in day out, not only makes you familiar with your neighbours smoking habits, but it can in fact make you forget the city in which you live. A small problem in the age of Coronavirus, yes, but a nagging one nonetheless .

To remedy this, and prevent myself from going stir crazy, running has become a sweet kind of relief. I don't mean that in the sort of running high way that avid pavement pounders describe, which I am pretty sure is an intricate ruse to get more of us up and moving, striving for the day that running won't be slow torture and we will bound along with effortless abandon. That day is yet to come.

I also realise going for a run in lockdown is not an original idea, in fact more than ever people are fishing out old t-shirts and questionable lycra from the back of their chest of draws and giving it a go. I'm sure Joe Wicks is thrilled. But what if instead of going for laboured laps around the local park, we ran whilst trying to actively discover more of the city we live in. Combining both the arduous but compulsory act of exercise, with a reminder that the world beyond the local supermarket exists.

After deciding a realistic distance, consider what landmarks or boroughs you want to check out and plot your route. Plotting your route makes the whole thing less stressful and when you reach mile six and your enthusiasm is seriously waning, you know exactly how long until you can be at home watching the rest of Normal People.

There is a real thrill and ultimately, let's face it, smugness of being able to trot up Kings Road or through an eerily quiet Trafalgar Square during lockdown, still respecting social distancing, whilst using your daily exercise allowance to its absolute fullest. I may come out of lockdown with aching knees and in the market for a new pair of trainers, but I sure as hell will know my landmarks and will have a camera roll exclusively featuring the most satisfyingly perfect front doors across London. A fair trade off I think we can agree.