Dissecting some of the most influential albums of our time

After typing Lemonade into Spotify, I noticed a podcast called Dissect appear in the search results; Learn more about the albums you love... the description began. As someone who has been fascinated by Lemonade since it's release four years ago, I have been equally frustrated by my cultural and historical blind spots that have hindered a complete and deep understanding of the album. Would Dissect provide me with the valuable insights I needed to fully comprehend the complexity of this Grammy award winning masterpiece?

In short, yes. And so much more.

Host and co-host, respectfully, Cole Cuchna and Titi Shodiya, use each 45 minute episode to its absolute fullest exploring one song, and thereby devoting a whole season to the album. How? You may ask. Easy.

If we cast our minds back to April 2016, Beyonce released Lemonade, her second visual album with a prominent song cycle. At first glance, the album's evolution from the days of Single Ladies left some bewildered, with scenes varying from the theatrics seen in Hold Up to the use of powerful poetry by Warsan Shire that is scattered throughout.

The multitude of historical and cultural touch points embedded throughout this album can so easily be missed without the breakdown that Cuchna and Shodiya serve; analysing every song by unpacking its lyrics, visuals and musicality, and they do so without giving any real air time to defamatory gossip re Beyoncé's personal life. Quite a feat considering Lemonade was an overt response to a cheating scandal.

This podcast is perfect for Beyoncé and music enthusiasts who want to learn more about the music, perspective and story telling as well as the rich historical ties that are entrenched into every aspect of this album.

The brilliance of this podcast doesn't stop there. If you want more of this long form style, why not listen to Cuchna's seasons on The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, as well as analysis of albums from Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar and Frank Ocean.